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About Us

SRIMUKH BIO PRODUCTS is a leading manufacturer of Corn cob bedding material
Corn cob bedding material is highly absorptive and bio degradable.
Leading manufacturer of corn cob in India

About the Srimukh Corn cob products.
The Srimukhs’s corn cob products represent the most comprehensive line of corn cob products in the market.
Soft and absorbent, strong and powerful , gentle and biodegradable.
You will achieve professional results and outstanding value.

Naturally Eco-Friendly
Srimukh’s corn cob is a durable and renewable resource, our products are 100% environmentally friendly. As all natural, virtually dust free , non-toxic, silica free product and there is special disposable may be require depending on specific use. The corn cob has both abrasive and absorbent properties. The corn cob is precisely screened and thoroughly air washed for uniform quality and in size, inline with Global Laboratory standards.