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Corncob products are used in three main areas. They are used as a Media for finishing, tumbling and blasting as a Carrier for fertilizers, insecticides and feed additives and as an Absorbent for hazardous wastes, liquids, grease and oils.


Product characteristics:
❖ Bio degradable, incenerable
❖ Non toxic
❖ Inert
❖ Absorbent holding upto four times its weight of fluid
❖ Available in various uniform sizes.
❖ No health or environmental hazards.
❖ Competitive pricing
❖ Immediate delivery
❖ Corn cob bedding material having absorbent characteristics and at the same time cleans and dries parts of animal cages. In addition, corn cob bedding is dust less, which is big advantage to customers using individually ventilated cages ( IVC’s) and isolaters, where HEPA filters often get clogged by conventional bedding. Using corn cob bedding material, rodent cages can be changed as infrequently as every 2 week, as the cage remains dry and clean longer and labour is reduced as corn cob bedding rarely gets wet of sticks to the cage requiring scrubbing or soaking.

Corn Cob Grits

Product Specifications:

Corncob grit polishes and deburs parts and at the same time cleans and dries parts. Oils and other liquids from wet mass finishing processes are absorbed. Grade selection is typically based upon the finished surface profile desired and the diameter of any holes or cavities in the part. The selected grade should not contain particles that would lodge in part openings.

Corn Cob Grits is highly versatile product with diverse application. It is available in several grades of uniform particle sizes designed to suit end-use requirements. corncob grit is not as predictable.

The Grits corn cob bedding products are available in a variety of particle sizes such as 04-06, 06-08, 08-10. Due to the wide variety of applications, corn cob is available in either polywoven bags for immediate use or in special paper bags, suitable for autoclaving. The corn cob is bedding comes in 25 Kg bags, but larger and smaller packaging also available, depending on quantity ordered. The corn cob bedding material is bagged immediately after manufacture and stored in vermin-proof, clean and dry storage facility to ensure quality. The corn cob bedding materila is shipped on clean stretch-wrapped pallest to ensure product protection.

It is completely Biodegradable and does not stick the components while being used for removal of Moisture, Oil & Grease, imparting Surface finish, Luster/Gloss & soft De-burring of components. It is suitable for use in Tumbling Barrels/Drums, Vibro Finishing M/c, Herperisers, Centrifugal M/c, Rotary Drum Dryers, Sand Blasting M/c, etc.

Corn Cob Powder

Corn Cob Powder, a versatile absorbent and adsorbent derived from Corn Cobs for diverse application which include use

Grades: 1014; 2040; 3080 and -40 are processed from the woody-ring portion of the corncob.

As a Diluents/carrier/filler material in Animal health products, Veterinary formulations, Vitamin premixes, Pharmaceuticals, etc.

As an excellent absorbent media in Environment control for safe disposal of liquid and solid effluents. As a soil conditioner, water retainer in horticulture.

As an litter conditioner in Poultry industry, etc.